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Team Are An Efficient. Trustworthy Group Of Plumbers & Construction Workers. A & E Have Combined Experience Of Over 40 Years. A & E Can Help You With Unclogged Sewer & Drains, Main Sewer & Water Line Repair & Replacements, Plumbing Needs, Problems & Any Other Related Service. A & E Are On Call 24/7 For Emergencies

Residential & Commercial

A & E Specializes In Main Sewer & Water Line Repairs & Replacement

All Plumbing Rough-Ins

Complete Basement Bathroom Rough-Ins

A & E Service

  • Sewer Line Camera Inspection
  • Toilet Repairs & Installations
  • Sewer & Drain Line Unclogging
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Bathroom Plumbing
  • Sewer & Water Line Repair – Replacement

Main Sewer Line Inspection Service

Do You Have A Difficult Drain In Your Home That Keeps Stopping Up? It May Take Several Minutes For Your Bathtub To Completely Drain Or Your Toilet May Have Issues When Flushing. If You Have Tried Several Drain Cleaner Solutions & Nothing Seems To Work, You Could Have More Than Your Basic Clog In Your Way.

With A & E’S Sewer Camera Inspection Services, We Can Look Inside Your Home’s Sewer System & Find Out What’s Causing Your Consistent Drain Issues. You Could Have Buildup From Dirt & Debris Outside Due To A Hole In The Pipe. Or There Could Be A Tree Root Growing Into Your Pipes That Needs To Be Removed. Whatever The Problem May Be, You Can Depend On The Team Here At A & E To Help You Resolve It In No Time. DVD Copy For Home Owner – Buyer – Realtors

A & E

Repair & Replace Unexpected Dаmаgеѕ & Unѕсhеdulеd Brеаkdоwns Including:


   • Running Toilet

   • Broken Toilet Handles

   • Toilet Replacement

   • Toilet Sweat: This Is Caused When The Toilet Is Running All The Time. The Water Running Into The Tank Is Lower Than The Ambient Temperature Which Causes    The Condensation.

   • Leaky Toilet: If It’s Leaking From The Base Of The Toilet There Could Be Several Causes. Loose Mounting Bolts, A Rocking Or Loose Toilet, Or A Failed Wax Ring    Are Common Causes With. A Broken Flange Or Toilet Bolts Are More Difficult Repairs Requiring More Expertise.

   • Clogged Toilet: Kids love To Flush Things Down The Toilet (Bath Toys Are A Frequent Victim), The Problem Occurs When What Went In The Toilet Doesn’t Go Down. When The Plunger Doesn’t Do The Trick Call A & E.

If You Suspect That Your Drain Is Clogged Or Have Noticed The Water In Your Sinks Or Tub Pooling Without Going Down The Drain Properly, You May Need An Expert Plumber. Here At A & E We Are Highly Experienced In Cleaning, Clearing, & Repairing Drains Which Have Become Clogged Or Broken.

When We Show Up To Inspect Your Drain, We Will Investigate & Determine Which Option Is Best For You. Once We Have Reached A Conclusion, We Will Take The Time To Explain The Various Options & Even Use A Video Camera To Give You A Full Idea Of The Problem At Hand. We Have The Knowledge & Equipment To Fix Any Problem You May Have In Your Drains.

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  • Fast, Efficient Service!

Repaired Lead Main Water Line & New Ball Valve
Repaired Lead Main Water Line & New Ball Valve

Household Plumbing Pipes, Drain Pipes, & Sewer Lines Can All Begin To Leak.

Leaks Can Range From A Minor Drip To A Burst Pipe That’s Flooding An Area Of Your Home, But Either Way, Water Leaking From Your Plumbing Is Never Good News.

Although Major Leaks Can Make Themselves Noticeable Right Away, Smaller Drips Can Persist For Weeks Or Months Unnoticed, Slowly Wasting Water & Damaging Their Surroundings.

A & E Plumbers Are All Trained In How To Find Water Leaks, Identify, Repair Or Replace. Which Can Have Any Of Several Different Causes The Problem.

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A & E Do Quality Bathroom Renovations – We Don’t Do Cover-Ups!

Bathroom Reno’s Offers A Wide Selection Of Solutions For Your Bathroom. Renovation Replacements Including: Bathtub, Shower, Vanity/Sink & Toilet & Fixtures (Faucets).

In Every Renovation A & E Do, A & E Fully Remove Your Existing Bathtub/Shower. A & E Also Remove Your Bathtub Surround So A & E Can Check For Mold & Mildew Growth On The Drywall & Surrounding Area.

A & E Carefully Evaluate The Condition Of The Drainage System, Surrounding Plumbing & Structural Conditions. A & E Repair Any Issues A & E Come Across. A & E Don’t Want To Cover Up Something Potentially Dangerous.


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  • Value For Your Money
A & E саn hеlр уоu fix unexpected dаmаgеѕ аnd unѕсhеdulеd brеаkdоwnѕ. We hаvе bееn helping families from dеѕіgn рhаѕе tо rеmоdеlіng оf residents. Kіtсhеn and bаth remodel. Wе аrе соmmіttеd tо customer satisfaction.
In Certain Instances, Sewer Or Water Lines May Be So Old Or Damaged. Repairs Are Simply Not Possible. In Such Cases, You’ll Need To Have Your System Completely Replaced. You May Even Want To Have Your Lines Replaced In Order To Modernize Your Home’s Plumbing Systems. There Are A Number Of Pros & Cons To Replacing Your Sewer Or Water Lines & A & E Can Help You Understand Your Options. We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Sewer & Water Line Services, Including Inspections, Repairs & Replacement. Our Highly-Trained Plumbers Can Help You Determine If Sewer Line Replacement Is Right For You & If So, A & E Will Get To Work Carrying Out Top-Quality Service You Can Trust.
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Emergency Leaks, Pipe Bursts & Sewer Backups

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